Premade Book Covers


Art Commissions

We have provided commissioned art to websites and authors a like, both for merchandising and creative identity puposes. We pride ourselves in efficiency and working to brief. Check out our commissions gallery to see if Dark Sheep is right for you.

Click here to see some of our past commissions and pricing details.

Premade Covers

Our covers might be premade, but they’re created with all the love in our dark hearts. Whether you’re looking to save money or find inspiration for your next book, our premade covers will have something for you — plus, we offer a discount if you decide to make one of our covers a series.

Click here to see our gallery of premade book covers for sale

Book Covers

Looking for a photomanipulated sci-fi, horror  or fantasy cover that is uniquely you? Dark Sheep will work with you to ensure a cover that sells books, draws in customers, and does justice to your book’s vision.

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If you have already bought a Dark Sheep premade cover, or comissioned a design, why not complete your branding by coordinating your campaign? (All premades and commissioned covers get a free 3D mockup).

3D Mockup               $Free
Business Card         $30
Facebook Ad           $25
Banner Image         $29

You can ask for these extras when you buy your cover, or purchase them at the same price at a later date.

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